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Zuisen Forging Workshop

Mikasa-tō (Gun material use of a battleship "Mikasa.")

 In the Russo-Japanese War, the battleship "Mikasa" was a flagship of a Empire Combined Fleet.
 An enemy's shell hit the gunwale side at "the naval battle of the Yellow-Sea", and the battleship "Mikasa" which made
the Baltic Fleet of Russia destroy completely at "the naval battle of the Japan-Sea " had the gun destroyed in the
previous year (Meiji 37=1904). A plan to forge a sword using the iron with which this destroyed gun remained was
promoted at Suikōsha (a naval officer's friendship organization). In Nihon Seikō Co., Ltd Muroran Industrial Factory
(present Muroran Factory) Zuisen Sword Workshop, swordsmith.
 Hideaki (Kaneaki and Toshihide is same person) Horii's prominent family used the iron with which it remained for this
guns, and forge the Mikasa sword during January, 1928 - May, 1932.

 The Mikasa swords were forged 229.
 The grade Kō Mikasa dirks (It is with "the fate of a Japanese Empire is decided by this battle" sculpture were forged 973, and the grade Otsu Mikasa dirks were forged 451. And it was sold through "Suikōsha".
 There is another Japanese sword of "By the steel for the guns of Mikasa: Hideaki forge "Mei which a special attack
party(Kamikaze) real parent and Vice Admiral Takijiro Onishi used regularly.
 It guessed from the Mei and there were some kinds of methods of forging swords, such as a fire structure sword of use
of only the steel for guns and a forging rd-steel) together.

Battleship Mikasa
(Russo-Japanese War that time of 1905)


            Grade A Mikasa dirk →
            Edge length: 24.75cm
              No curvature
    "The fate of a Empire is decided by this battle" 

The Mikasa dirk Oshigata: The name of a person which
carries the Naval Academy cadet's Mikasa dirk.

Partial expansion of a right dirk

The Oshigata of the Mikasa sword
Mei: Dedication Suiko shrine Hideaki Kinzo
Ura-mei: Forge with the steel for the guns of Mikasa

            Mei: Mikasa gun steel Hideaki
            Uramei: August, 1930


Horii Hideaki swordsmith.

He emigrated to Muroran from Tōkyō by invitation of the Japan Steel Works.
He will enter in July, 1918.
Zuisen Sword Workshop opened in August, 1918.

Hideaki Horii died in October, 1943.
Kaneaki and Toshihide are members.
He was a swordsmith representing Japan of prewar days.

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A navy royal gift dirk and Toshihide.   The Mikasa dirk and Hideaki.

Mikasa sword presented to Admiral Tōgō by Suikōsha.

The  Suikōsha is a naval officer's friendship organization. Suikōsha requested the sword making of Mikasa's gun steel
to Japan Steel Works Zuisen Sword Workshop's Hideaki Horii swordsmith in 1932. 

Blade length: .68.4cm    Curvature: 1.9cm

The Kissaki side has a fuller. The Habaki side has an engraving of the sword.

 Mei: Tamahagane is mixed with Mikasa's gun steel Zuisen Minamoto Hideaki
 Uramei: 1932 Spring lucky day

The Oshigata recorded on Zuisen Sword Workshop.
The order from Suikōsha.
This sword is presented to a Fleet admiral Tōgō.
Sōsyū school.

The duplicated drawing of the swod-tang written in the bond of the Japanese fine-arts sword preservation association in 2005.

 ↑ The mounting at the time of presentation is unknown.
 Considering the character of Suikōsha, and the situation
  in 1932, the mounting of this sword has the possibility
  of a navy saber.  

 ←The history "ferrule Fuchi" magazine in swordsmith Horii
  family 150.
  In our journal, explanation of this sword and an Oshigata
  Tang rubbings are recorded.

News of this Mikasa sword.

 In September, 1959, the Sato Mr. visited a marshal's American former Pacific Fleet commander-in-chief Chester William
 Mr. Satō  was carrying out the return activities of the Japanese sword requisitioned by the U.S.
 Mr. Satō had a marshal's Nimitz to a fleet admiral Tōgō's Mikasa sword, and other swords then entrusted.
 The transition ceremony of the requisition Japanese sword was held in the National Museums of Ueno on September 28, 1960. The Mikasa sword was returned to Mr. Itagaki (MIKASA Preservation Society director), the owner.

 At the time of the end of the war of Japan, this sword was requisitioned by the U.S. Forces and a marshal's Nimitz
owned it.
 A marshal's Nimitz is known for having continued carrying out whole life worship of a fleet admiral's Tōgō.

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