Military Swords of Imperial Japan




 The Guntō which carried out many soldiers and fate of both was confiscated by defeat, and the many were discarded.
 The Guntō was a big field without an example in the history of both sides of quantity and organization employment to a Japanese sword.
 However, since it participated in war, it has continued being ignored prejudicially which does not become a reason. History proves "those who ignore history step on the again same track." Don't forget history.
 The figure of a Guntō leave here, and the soul of the soldiers who sacrificed themselves to the country is calmed.

Introductory notes
Gun = military,  Tō or Katana = sword,
 Guntō = military sword,  Shin = new,  Kyū = old, 

Table of contents 

 Mounting description:  (Only for English) (New)
      Changes of a mounting  The name of each part of a Guntō  Scabbard, Spring clip, & Tassel

Mounting-metal parts   Details of a mounting (4p) (New)

 The kind of Guntō: (Combined use of Japanese and English)
      Army officers Type 94 (3p)  Army officers Type 98 (11p) Naval officers Type Tachi (7p)

           Army officers Type 3 (5p)  Crew's Guntō (4p)   Army NCO's Type 32 (4p)  Army NCO's Type 95 (5p)

officers Kyū-Guntō (5p)  Marshal sword (3p)   

 Other swords: (Combined use of Japanese and English)
      Naval dirk (6p)  Command-sabre (New)  Artillery Sidearms (New)  Bayonet (6p)

 Explanation about a Guntō: (Only for English)
      About a Guntō (Changes of a mounting, & Kind of blade) (13p)(New)   Evaluation of a Guntō Renewal (New) 

      Meaning of a Guntō
Renewal (New)    Officer's Guntō theory Renewal (New)


 About a Japanese sword:
(Only for English)
       The outline of a Japanese sword (New)     What is a noted sword ?

The Japanese sword of Western iron use  House of cards "Masamune"  Renewal (New)

 Presentation sword: (Combined use of Japanese and English)
      The presentation swords from Japan to Finland (3p)   The presentation sword to Siam(Thailand)

      The presentation sword to the British surgeon   Manchuria emperor presentation sword

 The Japanese Guntō in a foreign country: (Combined use of Japanese and English)
      The Kahoku traffic police-affairs sword

 The essay related to a Guntō: (Combined use of Japanese and English)
       Admiral Tōgō and a Japanese sword (New)  The Guntō of a battlefield  The Kamikaze base

 A special paper: (Only for English)
      The whole aspect of the "Kōa Issin sword"  Renewal (New)

                          Greeting Renewal (New)


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