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Non-commissioned officers Guntō 1935

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Army Arsenal Type 95 NCOs Guntō

 The army enacted the new government supply Gunto for noncommissioned officers (a sergeant major, a staff sergeant, and
sergeant) in Emperor calendar 2595 (A.D. 1935).
 They are the succeeding gunto of an establishment Army Type 32 Model-Otsu Guntō (saber Model-Kō = Cavalries, Model-
Otsu= on foot) in Meiji 32 (1899) , and an establishment Type 32 Improvement-Model (Only the Tang and Hilt are improved
in Japanese sword form) Guntō in Showa 7(1932). As for this Guntō, unlike an officer's Guntō, the blade and the Mounting(Koshirae) are standardized. The a private of specific arming(Military policeman etc) was also carried.

Beginning term type
Army Arsenal Tokyo (Kokura) Factory made(blade 4765 To, full length: 95.5 cm).

The copper hilt(Tsuka) is natural oxidization leather film coating which is not painted. Brass aoi-shaped guard (Tsuba). Brass scabbard(Saya). A chape(Ishizuki)  are different.

Initial type
Army Arsenal Nagoya Factory made(blade 9090 T, full length: 96.0 cm).

The aluminum hilt(Tsuka) is painted. Brass aoi-shaped guard(Tsuba). Horseshoe chape(Ishizuki). Iron scabbard(Saya).

Middle type
Tokyo First(Kokura) Army Arsenal made(blade No.118565 inspection mark ?, full length: 96 cm).

 Plain blackened iron Guard(Tsuba). Blackened iron Ferrule(Fuchi). Blackened washers(Seppa). The U.S. Forces reapplied after the suspension mount of a scabbard. The color of a throat portion is original.

Middle type side stopper
Nagoya Army Arsenal Atsuta Arms Factory Seki Factory made (blade 202171 Seki )
side clip (full length: 96.5 cm). Specification is the same as above.

Last stage type
Nagoya Army Arsenal made(blade 211327 Mei) side clip(Tyūsō) (full length: 99.5 cm).

Wooden hilt(Tsuka). Pommel(Kabuto-gane),ferrule(Fuchi),guard(Tsuba) and washers(Seppa) are iron black paint.

The maximum last stage type
Nagoya Army Arsenal made(blade 301573 Mei) side Tyūsō (full length: 103.0 cm).

Wooden hilt(Tsuka). Wooden scabbard. Special blackened iron Throat(Kuchi-gane) and chape(Ishizuki).


 Cross-sectional form of a Scabbard(Saya):
     A beginning term type and a first stage type are ellipse forms. A middle type maximum last stage type is the
          square rectangle.
     In the brass Guard(Tsuba) of mallow type, it is the tassel of leather with a buckle. It connects to Sarute
     through the hole of a Guard(Tsuba). The tassel of the usual leather is attached to an iron circular Guard.
     How to attach was the same as an officer.
     The tassel containing the whistle for a command was also in the fringe at the tip of a tassel.


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