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Army commissioned officers Shin-Guntō 1938

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Common name: Type 98 Guntō

 In 1937, the China incident broke out and Japan became war emergency organization. The officer's dress system was revised and full dress was stopped in following 1938. In connection with this, the mounting of the formality Guntō
which abolished Type 94 Guntō's second suspension mount was enacted in May, 1938.
 This is the 1938 establishment army formality Guntō (commonname Type 98 Guntō).
 Substance is not different from Type 94 Guntō.

 Blade: The early blade had many full-scale forging swords. However, supply does not catch up with demand but the
        military special blade of mass production came to get a majority.
 Mounting: The grace of a mounting has four kinds, the first class, the second class, the third class, and informa-
    lity. The scabbard changed with iron, aluminum, and a leather cover wooden scabbard.
    As a custom-made item, there is a rayskin binding or a Japanese lacquered wooden scabbard, and the kind of
     scabbard continued variably.

 Therefore, these selections were determined as the officer's funds and the conditions of a country.
 Rushing into Greater East Asia War, quality deteriorated extremely by the serious shortage of goods which transcends the grace of these mounting. The quality of the Type 98 Guntō had a very big gap.
 After the Type 3 Guntō establishment in 1943 was continued and manufactured.
 The Type 98 is minor change which abolished the second Suspension mount (Haikan) of the Type 94.

China dispatch, 51st regiment of the 15th army  infantry division
Second lieutenant Tomotaka Shirato.
 The 56th term graduation of a military academy. A photograph is taken on May 27, 1943 on the day of second lieutenant appointment. It is promoted to a first lieutenant after that. The 15th army division will be supplied to the Imphal strategy in March, 1944.
 The 15th team of Burma Direction milytary have the military power of about 100,000 persons(the real number unknown) based on the 31st army division, the 33rd army division, and the 15th army division.
 It became abnormal circumstances which dismiss the 31st and the 33rd divisional commander who protested against reckless strategy, and the 15th divisional commander who fell on the illness.
 By strategy reckless and incompetent of Lieutenant General Mutaguchi of the 15th team commander and the General Staff Office, 80% of soldiers died and retreat turned into the "bleached-bones highway."
 The about a total of 300 was killed in war from the troop of the 150-person organization which First Lieutenant
Shirato commands. Although the first lieutenant came back alive miraculously, he did the open alligator of the anger to this strategy which reached to an extreme of misery.
  He is still vividly remembered in the troop person killed in war Equipment of an officer is a handgun and a Guntō (it
had the hand grenade on the war situation).
 He answered lucidly "it was a command-sabre in a field battle" to a writer's question of "what to be with a Guntō for an officer."
 He said, "When the commander extracted the sword, the subordinate consented to it being the command of advance and an attack, and all the members braced themselves up, catching a sight which extracted the officer's sword."Although the photograph was wearing the soldier's hat bearing in mind a "picture of the late him", only the "abbreviation cap" was worn under wartime. The leather cover for field battles is attached to the Guntō scabbard. 


Type 98 Guntō table of contents   

   Royal gift Guntō "Yasunobu", Kotō, Zōhei-tō

  South Manchuria Railway's swords "Kōa Issin-tō", "Amakusamaru"
  Ka, Nagahiro, The leather cover for field battles  Yasukuni-tō "Yasunori", "Yasushige"

  "Ikkansai Kunimori", "Kanemasa"  "Mumei", "Nobyoshi", "Yasuharu", "Yuki--"

   The revived Type 98, "Tsuda Echisennokami Sukehiro"  New Guntō tentative plan "Nagamitsu"

  Informality mounting   A different-species Guntō and an army civilian employee sword  

                     Guntō revision for army officers

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