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Mounting details of an army Type 94 and 98

Pommel (Kabuto-gane) & knot-loop (Sarute)

Pommel & Round string knot loop

Pommel & Metal knot loop

Hatome (pommel fixation and knot-loop receptacle)

 Knot loop:
       @ The article of average quality classified by color.
       A Article of excellent quality.
       B The round string knot loop of a formality.
                  It was effective in consumption of the knot in a metal knot loop, and metallic sound prevention.
 Cherry blossoms and leaf pattern:
       C Pasting of a metal thin board pattern.
       D Convex engraving.

The shape of a metal parts and the pattern of cherry blossoms and a leaf change with mounting-companies.

Metal ornaments(Menuki): The petal of the cherry in a row three

A ferrule, the section of a guard, a throat

Guard (Tsuba), Ferrule (Fuchi), Washers (Seppa). Throat (Kuchi-gane)
The right is the Kuchi-gane of protection-against-dust halving.
The convex engraving pattern of the cherry blossoms and leaf on the throat and ferrule.

Guard (Tsuba)

             @           A          B          C

 The Tsuba of a new Gunto imitated the "mallow" type Tsuba of a Tachi from ancient times.
  @ Openwork Tsuba: for Type-94 and 98 early Types
  A・B Cast-iron Tsuba:  for 98 middle Type
  C Cast-iron Tsuba:  for (which stops a blade in a leather band) informality Koshirae.

 @ The guard(Tsuba) of this openwork is usually more large. .Most paint of this Tsuba came off, and the skin of brass
     appeared. The color which remains in the Tsuba slightly is blackish brown.
 A Special order: It was colored black after plating silver. Most black has come off.. There is a place which also
   peeled off silver and out of which the skin of brass has come.
 B Special order: The Tsuba dyed black. The new design which decorated on perimeter with the pattern of a Nanakoji 
   and line engraving
 C The archaic script stamp of the "Tōkyō Wakase".
 D With no special mention matter.
 E In order to omit a large mallow type washers, the stand of the washers was painted in reddish brown.
   The large washers is not actually attached to this mounting(Koshirae).
 It depends on a time or a metallic-ornaments manufacture company, the design, the size, and quality of the Tsuba differ from each other respectively.

Washers (Seppa)

           The rim pattern of a wearing state
                            of each washers. (blade side)

   The blade side washers is larger
      than the hilt side washers Seppa.

A rim notch of each small washers.
  Chrysanthemum notch (Kikuza) :  Pattern of the back petal
     of a chrysanthemum.

A ferrule (Fuchi) and a spring clip (Chūsō)

The metal parts of a scabbard (Saya)

       Throat (Kuchi-gane)  Suspension mount(Haikan)  Seme-gane           Chape (Ishizuki)

 Although the cherry-blossoms leaf is applied in a Nanakoji and the same color, there is a metal parts which became golden on the special order.

A throat (Kuchi-gane) and the first fixed suspension mount

The side and the upper
 part  of a throat
Fixed suspension mount 

Slanting top bird's-eye view

The second suspension mount of an attachment-and-detachment type (for Type 94 Gunto)

Slanting top bird's-eye view

Disassembly of parts

The bird's-eye view from a top

Seme-gane's side and a top bird's-eye view

The side of a chape, the top part, a top bird's-eye view

Mounting details table of contents  

       Type Tachi details  Naval-dirk details
   Details of a new Guntō scabbard 

Please check the details of the Kyū-Guntō, Type 32 Guntō, and the Type 95 Guntō by each item.

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