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The kind of Guntō scabbard (Saya)

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Army sword

   Type 94 Standard: Iron scabbard. Special order: Rayskin binding wooden or lacquered wooden scabbard.
   Type 98 Standard: Iron or aluminum scabbard. Special order: Rayskin binding wooden or lacquered wooden
       scabbard. Informality: Leather cover wooden scabbard.

Iron scabbard standard paint

Blackish brown gloss of blueness or semigloss.


Custom-made item

A scabbard is an iron standard. But a special order is given only for a coating color.

Rayskin(Same-gawa) binding wooden scabbard (there are several kinds of colors of a polish rayskin) 

Lacquered wooden scabbard(There are several kinds of colors of a Japanese lacquer)

Composition of an iron scabbard

  Upper part; Iron or aluminum scabbard.
  Middle part; Inside wooden scabbard. A magnolia is very thin. There are unvarnished, black or varnish paint.. 
  Lower part: Leather-cover for field battle

          Iron Scabbard   Inside wooden scabbard

 All the blade stops of a standard scabbard are spring clip(Chūsō)
 types. The square hole of iron or aluminum scabbard is a Chūsō
 receptacle. In order to let a Chūsō pass, the Inside wooden
 scabbard is cut and lacked.



Type 98 Informality mounting (Koshirae)

The wooden scabbard (Saya) wrapped in leather

 This scabbard is inferior goods.
 There are not a Kuchi-gane, Seme-gane, and Ishizuki metallic ornaments.
 The simple suspension-ring(Haikan) was attached to the magnolia scabbard(Saya).
 And it is the simple scabbard which covered by leather.
 How to stop the blade of this informality scabbard is the button stopper of a leather strap or Habaki stopper.
 There are some which attached the throat(Kuchi-gane) and were rarely used as the Chūsō stopper.

 A suspension mount is very simple. By the difference in
 the attachment position of the band stopper which prevents
 the omission of a blade, a thing with an opposite button
 position of a leather cover is intermingled.

Type 3

Standard: Iron scabbard

Upper part: Standard: Black semigloss uneven coating
Lower part: Different-color: Dark green semigloss uneven coating

Different-species article

Wooden scabbard. Red semigloss uneven coating. In addition, there is orange etc.


Naval sword

   Type Tachi: Standard:   A black-leather binding wooden scabbard or black-polished-and-lacquered rayskin(same)
    binding wooden scabbard.
   Semi- standard: Black Japanese lacquer coating wooden scabbard. Average: Paint wooden scabbard.

Standard Type

 Blak lacquered same-covered. This naval sword has equipped with good metal fittings. A rayskin(Same-gawa) has various


Custom-made item or different-species article

Blak lacquered same-covered (Large drop)

Brown lacquered same-covered

Semi-standard:  Japanese lacquered wooden scabba

Painted wooden scabbard (Example: Red sandalwood color ): Black is a standard.

 Reference: As for the color of the leather cover for field battles of a naval sword, "black" is a standard.
    Since an army and a naval sword make a mounting to each according to a blade, there are no same scabbard, such
    as length and curvature. The blade is removed by the Gunto mounting in many cases.
    Later, it is actually impossible to supply a blade according to a scabbard.

Please check the details of the Kyu-Gunto, Type 32 Gunto, and the Type 95 Gunto by each item.

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