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Metallic-ornaments details of the navy Type Tachi

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Details of the Type Tachi metal parts

      Left-side: Usually elegance             Right-side: Quality articles

 The side of a pommel
                                     The metal parts of a knot-loop receptacle
                                      is independent.

 Kabuto-gane upper part

 Pommel(Kabuto-gane) top part 

Metal ornaments (Menuki)

  A ferrule (Fuchi) and
    a throat (Kuchi-gane)    

 The patterns of the cherry-blossoms leaf and bud of an article of excellent quality and an article of average quality differ.
 There is no Koberi in each one side of the ferrule of an article of excellent quality, and a throat.

A guard (Tsuba) and a rising sun large washers (standard)

Three kinds of small washers (Seppas). It is the same as an army sword.

 ←A rising sun encaustic large washers of special make.
  There is a variation.  

                   A guard (Tsuba) is one kind. →


 Suspension mount 



 The side of a chape (Ishizuki) 

 The top part of a chape (Ishizuki)

Please check the details of the Kyū-Guntō, Type 32 Guntō, and the Type 95 Guntō by each item.

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