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The presentation sword to Siam (Thailand)

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The Tachi presented to His Imperial Highness Aronkotto of Siam

Japanese-army minister Kazushige Ugaki presented this Tachi to His Highness Prince Aronkotto of the Siam (Present: Kingdom of Thailand) chief of staff. This Tachi is the structure which imitated the "Marshal sword."

The blade imitates "Mukadegiri-maru". The Mukadegiri-maru is a legendary celebrated sword.
Major General Tsuneyoshi Murata developed the Murata-to by making the Mukadegiri-maru into a model.

The mounting of polite structure. The lacquer work of a vermillion-painted scabbard is splendid.


             Kazunari Ugaki army minister

Tachi-mei: Presentation, Siam chief-of-staff His Highness Prince Aronkotto,          Japanese-army minister Kazushige Ugaki
Ura-mei: November 3, 1929, Japanese Special Steel Llimited-partnership
     President doctor of
engineering Saburo Watanabe Kinsaku (Signature)


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